Unmoddable GT-R ECU Cracked, Bye-Bye Speed Limiter

Remember the ECU in the Godzilla-like 2009 Nissan GT-R? Yeah, it was supposedly uncrackable and unmoddable and we'd been told would even brick the car if tampered with. That's apparently not the case for at least one set of Japanese tuners who've cracked the JDM version of the new Nissan GT-R's already infamous ECU and removed that nasty 112 mph speed limiter.


That 112mph limiter was imposed on the JDM version by the ECU whenever the GPS sensed the GT-R wasn't on a racetrack. The team that cracked the ECU will continue to tweak the system until the GT-R is officially released in the United States and will have documentation ready to present to tuners happy to remove the speed limiter and otherwise tune their new Godzilla toys. Better luck next time, Nissan. [COBB]

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