Unidentifiable Rolling Horror Show Has Us Questioning Balinese Sense Of Automotive Judgement

Here's another one from the "Ow, ow, ow, it burns make it stop" files. Pulled from a site possibly with origins in the former Soviet Socialist Republic, with absolutely no context or information, these pictures have us questioning the sanity of its maker. Talk all you want about "art cars", this is not art, it's evil. What kind of crazy person has six mufflers on their car? Sicko's have them, that's who. Last time we saw six mufflers on a car it was a malaise era Ford with more mufflers than pipe. What makes this even more ridiculous is the pictures appear to be taken in a tropical paradise of some sort. Where do you even get six exhaust pipes in a tropical paradise? UPDATE: It's in Bali. Sorry, we must have been hai. Gratuitous South Pacific reference added at no additional charge.

[Snegopad - Maybe?]


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