​Understand This Chart And Understand The Future Of The Auto Industry

If you want to understand the future of the car world, look at this chart. It's the way things are going, according to one analyst, who says, "Telling the story of this chart will occupy the remainder my professional life. It's sort of sad that my life can be boiled down to one chart… but it's so true."

That's Adam Jonas, an auto analyst for Morgan Stanley, who outlined the four stages of mobility in a recent report picked up by Bloomberg.


Jonas has been an ardent proponent of ride-sharing, pointing out the inherent wastefulness of cars that are parked more than 90 percent of the time, as well as espousing the virtues and potential of autonomous cars.

This chart puts all of those and other ideas into one easily digestible format, combining self-driving with ride-sharing and the death of the traditional ownership model of the auto industry. It's going to happen in some form, the question is just when and how accurate Jonas' predictions are.


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