Rolls-Royce will do damn near anything to its cars given enough cash. That's bred a fair amount of tasteless monstrosities, so Rolls seems to be swaying owners in a more classy direction, and it starts with over 30 feet of hand-woven silk.

The Serenity concept is another example of how far Rolls' Bespoke division will go please the one percent of the one percent, starting with a Phantom Extended Wheelbase and then going completely nuts with the detailing.

The designers travelled to Suzhou, China where they sourced unsewn silk thread that was then hand-dyed and woven – at 140 threads per centimeter – into the "smoke green" silk that makes up the interior. Once it was installed, every petal of the flowers was hand-painted, taking over 600 hours – for each damn panel.

The rest of the interior is made up of white leather, with smoked cherrywood and bamboo accents, along with laser-cut and hand-applied mother of pearl petals embedded in the wood. It's also used for the gauges, matching the three-stage pearl effect paint that took 12 hours of polishing by hand.

And just to cap things off, Rolls made a pair of matching parasols umbrellas. Because at that point, why the hell not?

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