Unbelievers in the Seavers: 'The Fall Guy' Detractors at Jump the Shark

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While it's true that the addition of Nedra Volz to the cast of The Fall Guy was somewhat of a woodrow-wilter, especially considering by that point we'd already seen a decline in the bikini-clad appearances of Markie and Heather, the main reason cited by Jump The Shark contributors for the show's ungoodness was Lee Majors' "The Unknown Stuntman." These people obviously have brainpower somewhat comparable to a Portuguese Man o' War (and are possessed of considerably less loinclothy awesomeness than Manowar).

This, friends is right up there with "Suicide is Painless," Waylon's "Just the Good Ol' Boys" and anything composed by Mike Post in the '80s. Dissing on "The Unknown Stuntman" is like fronting on Master of Puppets, Led Zeppelin II, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, Out of Step, Red Headed Stranger, Double Nickels on the Dime, Holy Diver, More Fun in the New World, SF Sorrow, 2112, Live After Death, You're Living All Over Me and New Day Rising all at once. It proves you a fraud, a charlatan, a scoundral, and worst of all, a man with a serious deficiency in the taste department. We at tha Jalop will not stand for this blasphemy. Now dammit, Murdoch, release us the DVDs so we can go take a nice relaxing bubble bath at the end of a hard day's blogging. And as always, Markie, call us.


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