Ultimate Low Car Problems Halt Circuit Of The Americas For Half An Hour

The poor No. 55 Mazda Prototype had a master cylinder issue that left it stranded on Circuit of the Americas’ pit straight. Normally, this would be a quick retrieval given that everyone’s right there staring at the car, but it triggered a 28 minute red flag as the car was too low to get it off the track. CamberGang has nothing on this.

The WeatherTech Sports Car Championship was out for their first practice session of the Lone Star Le Mans when the No. 55 came to a halt because of an issue with its brakes.


Starworks Motorsport, another team running in the session, tweeted that the recovery vehicle that was sent wasn’t low enough to retrieve the stricken Mazda. Additionally, the front brakes were completely locked up and the Mazda team lost radio communication with the No. 55 car, so they couldn’t even instruct anyone to take off the nose to help the car get up the flatbed.

Needless to say, the No. 55 Mazda is out for the session. The session restarted after the Mazda was safely off the track, but geez. Give us a heads-up so we can grab a burrito if it’s going to be this long next time, will ya?

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