UK Channel 4 Reviews Cadillac BLS, Shares The Eurogasm

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The chaps at Channel 4 got their hands on a Cadillac BLS, which they call the "first Cadillac to be designed specifically for Europe." This is before admitting that it's a badge re-enginered Saab 9-3/Vauxhall Vectra (a gigantic badge that probably adds 20 pounds to the car). It comes in wagon, which is a first for Cadillac, and will include a bioethanol-compatible 2.0-litre turbo in 2008. Below are some shots from our Frankfurt close-encounter with the EuroCaddy. [4car]

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@-chet: You're almost correct.... what really kills the wagon is the CAFE regulations. What? Yes. really. Let me explain:

CAFE is regulated in 4 different ways per manufacturer. a) Domestic Manufactured Cars; b) Imported Cars; c) Domestic Manufactured Trucks; d) Imported Trucks. They all have to have a set MPG figure for the fleet. For Detroit (and for Nissan & Toyota as well) to sell profitable heavy trucks, they have to have light trucks that get good gas mileage. OK, now it gets interesting: I'll use Chrysler as an example: Rams, Durangos, and big Jeeps are classified as trucks, and so is the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Dodge Minivans, and the Pacifica. So is the Magnum Wagon.... and that is one reason why they don't name the wagon a Charger, or put that nice 300 front end on it.

Another Example, Ford; Wonder why the new Taurus is only a Sedan and the Taurus X is a Crossover.... that's right, the Taurus X is classified as a truck! You can't have the same naming convention for what's classified as a truck, and what is going to be a car. Oh yea, the Crown Victoria (Grand Marquis too) is classified as an Imported Car, again for CAFE Purposes!