UK Businessman Decapitates Self With Aston Martin DB7

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An inquest into the death of Welsh gym owner Gerald Mellin has found the businessman decapitated himself in his Aston Martin DB7 after an argument with his estranged wife. According to the court, Mellin tied one end of a rope to a tree, climbed into his DB7 and wrapped the other end around his neck. Mellin then jammed the pedal down on the $173,000 car, driving into a busy main road, forcing other drivers to watch his horrific death. Police found his headless body still in the driving seat and his head on the back seat. But what caused Millen to kill himself with such heinous vehicular methodology?


Well, according to Mrs Mellin:

"We had split up and been to court. He wanted me to walk away from the farmhouse and the business and leave me with we met in a pub after a court hearing and he started having a tantrum. As we made our way back to our cars he opened the boot and said: "There's my rope, that's what I'm going to kill myself with." I told him to grow up and give me the rope. But he just laughed."

Apparently, the court also ruled the day before his death that Mrs Mellin would be awarded an extra £100 ($192.00) a week in maintenance from her husband. Umm, talk about a low bar to set for suicide, right? [Daily Mail, Daily Star]


Rob Emslie

@Turkina: No shit, she looks like some kind of gypsy witch, casting a curse on her next victim in that picture.

Also, is the Daily Mail so lazy that they couldn't find a picture of a DB7 droptop? I mean really, the fact that it was a convertible was pretty critical to the act and they show a coupe as a car "similar to mellin's."?

@kingfling: Most excellent work.