​Uber Capping Surge Pricing During East Coast Snowpocalypse

Uber is, for once, taking the high road. The ride-sharing service says it will temporarily cap charging out the nose at peak traveling times during the massive snow storm that's descending on the East Coast. And what money it will make it's donating to charity.

In an email sent today, Uber said that, "Dynamic pricing will be capped and all Uber proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts." But only part of that is out the kindness of its corporate heart.


The suspension of surge pricing during winter storm Juno is part of an agreement between Uber and the New York attorney general last year after ride pricing went through the roof during critical travel times.

Aside from milking riders during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, more recently, Uber's prices skyrocketed during the Stormageddon in the Bay Area and, shamefully, amidst the hostage crisis in Sydney last month.

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