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UAW Losing Millions On Michigan Golf Course Retreat

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While congress made a huge stink about auto execs and their private jets, they didn’t do their research on the UAW’s $6.4 million golf course retreat in Michigan.


While the Carpocalypse looms over the heads of many in the Detroit area and beyond, the UAW apparently isn’t feeling the same kind of heat. While companies are struggling to survive and cutting costs wherever possible, the UAW is spending millions to maintain their golf resort in Black Lake, Michigan.

The $6.4 million golf course is merely a small piece of the larger $33 million retreat center that is costing the UAW millions of dollars every year, totaling $23 million in the last five years. According to the UAW, the Reuther Family Education Center hosts important seminars and classes on leadership and political action, but we’re guessing they’re spending a lot of time on that finely trimmed grass on the 5th tee.


According to Justin Wilson of the Center for Union Facts, a union "watchdog group" (we're not entirely certain where funding for such a group comes from, but we're assuming it's from some sort of biased source):

“It’s their members’ money that they’re spending on this thing. The union has bigger issues at hand than managing a golf course.”

The attached golf course at the Reuther Family Education Center was designed in 2000 by famous course architect Rees Jones for a paltry $6 million. UAW members receive a 20% discount off of the normal green fee of $85, though we don’t think many of them will have the money to play golf in the upcoming season.

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