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UAW, GM Negotiations Take A Few Hours Off, Workers Expected To Be Working This Morning

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The Monday first shift starts in just a few hours, and both sides have taken a break this morning for tea, crumpets and you know, a few hours of napping. We're hearing all sorts of stuff from folks "close" to the negotiations. We're hearing "talks are going bad" and we're also hearing "union leaders expected to push through to an agreement." We're not sure what to believe this morning, but what we do know is the UAW is instructing workers at all three Detroit automakers to "report to work as scheduled today because the contract between the UAW and GM, which expired Friday night, was being extended hour by hour." We'll keep you up-to-date throughout the day, week, or however long these guys take to come up with a solution. [via Freep, NY Times, CNNMoney]


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