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UAW Gives Up On Unionizing Volkswagen Plant For Now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The United Auto Workers put an end to their current attempt at unionizing Volkswagen's Tennessee plant today by announcing they were dropping their appeal of the February vote, in which workers decided against letting the UAW in, 712-626.

Reuters repoted that just ahead of the start of a hearing about the appeal, the National Labor Relations Board accepted the UAW's withdrawal. The UAW filed the appeal a week after the Feb. 14 vote, alleging intimidation from third-parties, including elected officials like the governor of Tennessee.


VW also apparently took the UAW's decision well:

We welcome the decision by the UAW. It provides an important gesture for a constructive dialogue in Chattanooga.


According to The Tennessean, the UAW and VW have agreed to not call another unionization vote at Chattanooga for at least another year. The UAW's appeal could've dragged on for months, if not years had it continued pursuing with the NLRB.

The UAW is now reportedly pursuing tax incentives to bring the long-discussed 7-seat VW crossover to Tennessee. It's also continuing efforts to organize Mercedes-Benz and Nissan plants in the South.

Photo: AP