Tyrese Gibson is a singer, actor, author, producer, model, and, perhaps most Earth-shatteringly, a former MTV VJ. Some people might find this sort of multi-faceted talent, and the emotional depth he provides, a bit inspirational. But God help you if you don't. Tyrese will be mad. And he'll let you know.

To be completely and totally forthcoming, I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this situation. It all stems from some things Tyrese has been saying on his Facebook page, but if it's not Careless Whisper then I'm not really following it.


But it appears as if Tyrese has been putting "inspirational" videos and messages on his Facebook page, especially since the unfortunate accident that killed his friend and frequent on-screen collaborator, Paul Walker. That's alright for some, I guess, if that's your thing, and if it helps Tyrese work out some things he's feeling. Everyone deals with grief in different ways. But to be honest, I couldn't sit really sit through fifteen minutes of videos like these:

Yeah. But whatever, it's the kind of thing you ignore just like everything else you ignore on Facebook at this point, between that one high school friend who now has ten kids and the other high school friend and the other high school friend who has A Very Nice Career Now, Thank You Very Much, to the other high school friend who found Jesus and wants everyone to know about it.

It's Facebook.

Rob Dahm, a noted Lamborghini owner who is noted for very much loving his Lamborghini, decided that he'd had enough of Tyrese and his Facebook, and went to his own Facebook to write on the Facebook about the Facebook:


Rob continued spitting his seething venom, clearly in a blind minor annoyance with a minor celebrity's Facebook postings:


Clearly some violent, painful shots have been fired, by this guy, who likes a car, against Tyrese, a singer, actor, author, producer, model, and a former MTV VJ.

Tyrese will not let this affront stand.


You hear that, Rob? Tyrese has written books! Tyrese has made videos! Tyrese is from South Central! He's been inspirational long before the crash! TYRESE IS VERY INSPIRATIONAL.

To be fair to Tyrese, he has done a lot of charity work, and the rambling fifteen minute video that is linked to above has gotten over 67,000 shares. Good for him, I suppose. And to be fair to Rob, he has since apologized.


But perhaps one of the commenters on the thread put this whole situation best:


Yeah, something like that.

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