Two Women Just Totally Survived A 60-Foot Jump In Their Toyota RAV4

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Two women survived with only minor injuries after they found their Toyota RAV4 flying gracefully through the air like a swan. The driver, who was cut off by another vehicle, swerved to avoid a collision and hit a snowbank, sending her and her companion flying 60 feet off a bridge to a riverbank below.

The perfect landing made on the side of the Hackensack River by 25-year-old Elizabeth Wolthoff, and 23-year-old Rebecca Winslo was helped by the fact that the RAV4 landed completely upright, according to the AP:

"The snowbank served almost as a ramp," [police director Michael] Mordaga said. "They're very lucky the way the vehicle landed."


Ha, "luck." Sure, right, Mordaga. "Luck." Let's see you stick a 60-foot landing off I-80 like that. Clearly, Wolthoff and Winslo are professionals.

Responding firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extract both women from the RAV4, which is almost certainly totally destroyed, but went out in a blaze of glory.

We here at Jalopnik are committed to bringing you the news in a vivid manner so that all our readers may understand it, and thus have taken the liberty of creating a 100% accurate dramatic recreation of the incident:

Please, leave all stunts to professionals.

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You know it's much safer to just crash into the other car. I've taught my kids that. If it's a choice of running off the road or hitting a car, hit the other car. They crush, tree's don't. I can always buy them another car. Same thing for deer. Brake straight and mow them down but stay on the road.