Two Ways To Give Other Motorists The Finger...Digitally

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We've always believed technology should help us live our lives easier and more importantly, in the most sloth-like way possible. Well, how's about two new ways technology can help you tell that right-on-the-ass car behind you exactly how you feel:

First, there's the Drive-e-mocion, an attatchment for your back window letting you give your favorite four-letter words and phrases written form. Of course we mean "Back Off" — get your minds out of the gutter.


The second new technology will let your car act all KITT-like and talk for you — directly to other cars (or really whatever the hell else it and you feel like). This bleeding-edge patent from Sony uses the newest of new in computer languages to flash messages from powerful LEDs built into the car headlights — and received by another cars light sensor. The bleeding-edge language they'll be using? Morse code.

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