Two USF1 Trailers Up For Sale On eBay

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Two of USF1's trailers are for sale on eBay after the fledgling team went bust in February. One of the trailers can hold up to three F1 cars and there's no reserve!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, USF1 never got around to repainting the trailers after it purchased them from Ross Brawn. Both are located in the UK, but are ready to roll with a full MOT road worthiness certification through November. In addition to car and equipment haulage, the trailers are set up with a full machine shop, a meeting room and external lockers.

The trailers would be a great starting point for a new race team on a budget or the ultimate in themed travel accommodations for diehard F1 fans. [eBay via C&D]

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I was all excited until it got to the UK part. Shipping one of these to the US would be a little pricey!