Sides phoned Sheriff Page, who arrived onto the scene minutes later. Speaking to NBC News, Page said that the human remains found in the car are pending analysis from forensics, but he’s pretty sure Foster and Bechtel have finally been found. He also said that divers had been in that river before looking for answers — they just weren’t in the right part of it.

“We’re not sure yet that we have the correct teenagers, but we believe it is,” he told NBC News, noting the remains are pending medical examiner identification.

Page said it initially appears that the teenagers ended up in the water by accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Divers had searched those waters before, according to Page. “They were probably less than an eighth of a mile from where the car was found. They just never got anywhere around the car,” he said.


At the moment, Page believes the driver simply lost control of the Grand Am and ended up in the water. Looking at Google Maps’ Street View of the stretch of road that runs along the river, it’s clear there’s not much room for error. (This isn’t precisely the area where the car may have left the road, but you get the idea.) Also, the guardrail between the asphalt and the water didn’t exist 21 years ago.

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Two decades of family and friends mourning, pondering questions they probably never imagined they’d get answers to. May Erin and Jeremy rest in peace, and may their loved ones now feel some semblance of closure.