Two Jalopnik Editors Discuss Paul Walker And Mexican Sports Cars On TV

Every now and again, your Jalopnik staff is allowed to unchain themselves from their keyboards, get cleaned up real nice, and appear on a medium known as "television." Not me, though; I'm considered far too handsome to ever appear on TV.

Last night and this morning Matt and Travis were on CNN and Bloomberg TV, respectively. Matt was on The 11th Hour with Don Lemon to give a more nuanced take on the Porsche Carrera GT's role in the horrible crash that claimed the lives of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas than you might have seen on other news programs. Travis went on Bloomberg's In The Loop to discuss the Vuhl 05, Mexico's answer to the Caterham.


Matt's segment is below, and while I can't embed Travis' video, you can see it by clicking here.

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