Two Hours In, F-ed Up E30 Chasing Eyesore Racing's Ghettocharged Miata

Illustration for article titled Two Hours In, F-ed Up E30 Chasing Eyesore Racings Ghettocharged Miata

Everyone figured that Eyesore Racing's Ghettocharged Miata Miata would be the car to beat at the Auction Weekend Gavel-Tap, and that's how it's sorting out.


Firebird Raceway is running Top Fuel over on the nearby drag strip, so we've got the sound of nitro-huffing Hemis as a sort of counterpoint to the clatter of LeMons cars dropping bumpers on the road course. Meanwhile, the F-ed Up Express BMW 325i remains just a few car lengths behind Eyesore. At the same time, the first-ever LeMons Corvette has proven to be as horrible as we expected, with its team spending more time with the wrenches than behind the wheel. Check in later for more citrus-tainted excitement from Arizona!

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Jake wants his Caddy back....

Is there any doubt that the C4 wins the Index of Effulency? Are there any other noteworthy beaters?