Two Dead, Three Injured In Public Day Crash At Nürburgring (Updated)

Image Credit: Getty Images/Ker Robertson
Image Credit: Getty Images/Ker Robertson

A car crash at the Nürburgring this past weekend during an open track day left two dead and three others injured.


A red 1990s Honda Civic that had the fatal wreck, crashed into the scene of another accident that a safety crew was already attending to on the track. The incident occurred on the Kesselchen section of the track, reports Czech outlet The track was wet, and thanks to the first crash, the area of the track was also marked with yellow warning flags.


It is unknown if the driver of the red Honda noticed the flags on this public touristenfahrten day. He lost control of his vehicle, skidded sideways and collided with the safety car, reports SWR Fernsehen. He was killed along with his female passenger.

Also injured were two track marshals tending to the previous accident. It is unclear whether the third person injured was another driver or a spectator standing nearby.

The Nürburgring remains one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. Stay safe out there, everyone.

We will update this story as we learn more.

Correction: This post and headline has been updated to say that the crash occurred at a public touristenfahrten day, not a track day.

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Matthew Stewart

This picture shows the driver before the crash. Notice he did not give his GF a helmet to wear. Am I the only one a little bothered by that?