Two Dead, Fifteen Injured As Rally Car Hits French Crowd

Tragedy at the Pays des Maures rally in Southern France this weekend as a competitor made a wrong turn at an intersection, plowing into spectators. A rally marshal is believed to be one of the dead and several of those injured were children. The driver may face criminal charges.


French Minister for Sport Valerie Fourneyron says the incident raises "serious question about the safety of the public at car rallies."

According to reports, the driver was meant to take a right turn at an intersection, but due either to confusing signage or poor vision, carried on straight through instead.

"The car took off straight ahead," stated another driver to the local newspaper. It crashed into a first row of spectators before peeling off and mowing down other people who were further off."

The Pays des Maures rally takes place every year along a 98-mile route composed of public roads that are closed for the event. That distance makes it extremely difficult to keep spectators away from the course; they're frequently seen standing extremely close as the cars pass at high speed.


Battery Tender Unnecessary

There's a whole series of these videos. Quite frankly, I'm am AMAZED how few people are injured or killed the way spectators are just standing in the road to take pictures, crossing a live "race track", etc. Imagine F1 or LeMans where people just set up folding chairs or stand on the rumble strips and walking across the track at Imola or Hockenheim.