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Two Brothers Crash Snowmobiles On Same Jump At X Games

Injuries and the X Games tend to go hand-in-hand. The risk of injury at the Winter X Games increased about 600 percent a couple of years ago when they added freestyle snowmobile stunts to the roster.


What could possibly go wrong with people doing flips on heavy snowmobile? A lot.

Last night during the X Games' "Snowmobile Freestyle Finals," Caleb Johnson didn't land a flip and instead had his snowmobile land on top of him. It was a scary scene.


Caleb got up and walked away from the crash, but he encountered problems later on:

It sounds like he'll make a recovery from his injury, which is amazingly positive.

Later on in the finals, his younger brother Colten also failed to land a jump. The snowmobile landed on his right hip, which is obviously a bad thing.


Colten should be ok too, but it goes to show just how dangerous the X Games — and doing flips on a snowmobile — really are. But knowing how these athletes operate, they'll both be back on a snowmobile doing flips in no time.


UPDATE: Caleb Moore died from his injuries.

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Be careful out there dudes. Snowmobiles, jet skis, dirt bikes,and ATV's. I know they're fun as hell but dangerous none the less. Last July my cousin, USBP agent H-113, died when his ATV landed on him near the Fort Hancock TX port of entry bridge. Im not saying to not hoon or take'em off sweet jumps, just be a little more careful out there dudes. Safety First :)