Who says you need a big 4x4 to climb a mountain on muddy Nova Scotian roads? Nah, man, you need something you don’t care about—like an old Corolla. Make that two old Corollas.

YouTuber PHK Productions made a series of videos where he and some buddies just don’t give a flying crap about taking their two beater Corollas up West Bay Mountain.

Corollas are tough little beasts. Ruts? Meh. Standing water? Pfft. Get stuck? Spin the tires more until something catches. Bottom out? Keep going. Steep incline? Gun it.

Once mainstream society is done with the Corolla, having driven it into the ground and probably over a few curbs and shrubs, this is its ideal afterlife. Even if the car ends up full of trail muck and spilled double double, who cares?! It’s not like you can’t find 42 more beater Corollas to replace it.


If Toyota didn’t want you to hoon this car, they’d be easier to break.

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