Watch Two Guys Hilariously Go Nuts With A Snake On The Windshield

Everything, including the people, can kill you in Australia. This is a Fact. But what do you do when a venomous snake ends up on your windshield? You hit the wipers, obviously. Except now you have a very pissed-off and very Australian snake being smeared across your car. Cue the screaming.

In fairness, you might think the screaming is unjustified, but the driver, Ben Lehmann, recognizes the snake as a Red-Bellied Black snake. And because everything in Australia, including the drop bears, can kill you, the Red-Bellied Black is highly venomous. Not venomous to actually kill you, in truth, but just venomous enough to make you suffer from incredible, debilitating agony for hours and wish you were so goddamned dead.


In Part 2 of the video, the snake actually lands on top of the side-view mirror stalk, and starts doing the bob-and-weave like its working with a switchblade in a back-alley knife fight. It looks like it wants to murder both of the guys in the car so hard right now:

I want to go to Australia, but I am afraid.

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