Twitter Finds A Use Other Than Jalopnik, Helps Atlanta Residents Find Gas

We thought Twitter was only useful for Jalopnik readers looking to get notified when we run important stories by subscribing to our feed. But who knew the tool had other uses? In a definitive sign the looming gaspocalypse has in fact already arrived, Atlanta residents are using Twitter to help them locate gas stations that actually have fuel to sell. Those of you who've been too mesmerized by the collapse of our financial system to notice other news may not realize that Atlanta has been running on empty for about three weeks now, with some drivers reporting hour-long lines for fuel at the few stations with any to sell. Fortunately, social media has come to the rescue: About four days ago, some enterprising Atlanta Twitter users began tagging posts with #atlgas to help their fellow motorists locate fuel. So why is Atlanta in such dire straits? Apparently the problem began with Hurricane Ike disrupting refining capacity in the Southeast, and the problem was compounded when Governor Sonny Perdue (R-Good Ol' Boy) delayed waiving low-sulfur fuel requirements for the state. However, as a former Atlanta resident, this author is convinced the sheer extent of the Atlanta suburbs, which stretch from Macon to Chattanooga, combined with the fact that no one in Atlanta drives anything smaller than a Tahoe might be adding to the pain. [PansyPatrol]


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