Even on fire this 1,000-horsepower twin-turbo Ford GT is kind of sexy. Just look at the outline in the flames. Despite the sadness we feel at seeing a GT burn to the ground, there's a bit of schadenfreude in it for you Ferrari enthusiasts out there.

The car is famous around Texas as one of two white-with-blue stripes twin-turbo Ford GTs running around the state. This car is the DP1000 Ford GT built by Dallas Performance and driven by a guy known as Kumar. Its doppelgänger is the Hennessey HPE1000 twin-turbo GT.

There are two major differences between the cars. The biggest distinction is that the Hennessey car didn't mysteriously burst into flames last night on Beltline Road in Addison, Texas near Dallas. The best difference, though?

The unburnt car is part of "Joe Dirt Racing" and runs around with the humorous vanity plate "MULLET." Kumar's car had the more confrontational and, in light of his GT burning down, ironic plate "F ENZO" as seen here at the Texas Mile.


Despite the glee some Ferrari owners may be getting at seeing the car with that plate follow the fate of so many Ferraris and self-immolate, we can't help feeling a sad for the loss of any Ford GT.

Photo Credit: Zerin Dube/S:S:L