TV Reporter Is Worst Car Thief Ever

Take a hammer, smash a car's glass, steal stuff inside, make sure to scare the paranoid viewer. It's a simple enough assignment but this TV Reporter couldn't muster enough oomph to break the glass on a junkyard Oldsmobile.

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Yes, Mr. Reporterman, you are most certainly not a very good thief. [Break (coincidentally)]

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Step 1 - Turn the hammer around claw-first.

Step 2 - Aim at the dead center of the window. Tend towards the top.

Step 3 - Swing the hammer, snapping your wrist right as you make contact.

Step 4 - Tighten your grip on impact to reduce recoil.

Step 5 - Drive the car to a nearby bar and have a beer in celebration of you conversion from FAILtard to BAMFmeister.

BTW, you didn't hear this from me.