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Jimmy Fallon has been milking the joke of his impending pickup truck purchase on The Tonight Show for weeks, and finally decided to drown under Ford's tidal wave of sales pitches. Unfortunately for whoever actually sells him the truck, he's kind of being a dick about it.

After a drum-rolled announcement that he's going to buy a Ford F-150 King Ranch, Fallon said he's going to invite ten Ford dealers to New York where he's arranged for a Ford to be plopped on the deck of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier museum. Those dealers will all place a hand on the vehicle, and whoever keeps their mitts on it the longest wins the privilege of selling Fallon his truck.


While Ford Corporate is obviously pleased Fallon's whored himself out to them, it's a tough break for whoever those ten dealers send to represent them/humiliate themselves on the Intrepid for the amusement of Tonight Show viewers.

It's a great opportunity to get Ford lots of airtime, and but it pretty much makes Jimmy Fallon look like an asshole. The Blue Ovals must have offered him a serious gift basket for his blessing, but I still can't figure out why Fallon's car shopping has warranted so much time on his show in the first place.

Pretty sure the last time I heard of this happening was that Family Guy episode where Peter wins a dirt bike. Is this actually a common practice?

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