With Valentine's Day creeping up on us, Russel Stover of eat-my-f'ing-chocolates fame should look into getting into the automotive industry by teaming up with Andy Pag and John Grimshaw, two blokes who recently drove a modified 1989 Ford Iveco Cargo from the United Kingdom to Timbuktu, all on biodiesel created from... chocolate. Mmmm... Timbuktu is in West Africa, by the way. Some info for those (like myself) who had no idea prior.

The mission was more than just showing off the chocolate truck—the pair delivered a biodiesel processing unit to a charity in Timbuktu to allow the locals to create their own biodiesel from sustainable resources. The journey took the pair a month to complete.

All equipment created and used was salvaged from scrap yards; the inventive duo will be leaving the chocolate truck in Timbuktu. This made me think of chocolate bunnies, those hollow Easter treats that we all love to decapitate. How about a real chocolate truck, confected along the same lines as the bunny, to celebrate Pag and Grimshaw's achievement? [Boing Boing]