Turn To The 1989 Pontiac Grand Am For Hot Looks And High Performance

Photo Credit: BetaMax/YouTube
Photo Credit: BetaMax/YouTube

It’s 1989. Your glasses cover half your face and you need a car drive off into the sunset. But not just any car—a car built for excitement. What do you use? A Pontiac Grand Am, that’s what.

The third generation Pontiac Grand Am was the car for jumping off your confusingly named boat, slamming it into first gear and smirking as you speed off. As the narrator and wailing vocals proclaim, Pontiac was the only brand for excitement—in fact, they were built for it.


In addition to attractive lease and finance offers, the Grand Am was perfect for anyone “itching for driving excitement.” Pontiac really seemed to be banking on the concept of driving thrills for the Grand Am, and as we all know, nothing quite exemplifies that ideal like a front-wheel drive compact made by General Motors.

The real late-’80s Pontiac Grand Am was almost anonymous and a little bland, but I want to buy into Pontiac’s vision just a little bit. I think we all want to wear a khaki ensemble and drive a Grand Am to our own personal Pontiac-themed chorus like this guy. He doesn’t seem bored.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.



I owned an ‘89 Grand Am SE. The Quad4 engine blew a head gasket and melted down at 48000 miles. If fried three “brains” computers, and the radio would cut out if you bumped the e-brake handle. Oh, and the “dual” exhaust wasn’t really. The left pipe branched off of the main muffler to the other side. In other words, it didn’t get hot enough to evaporate any moisture and rusted out in no-time. But girls liked it so I guess there’s that...