Turn A Horse Into A Tron Motorcycle With Neons... For Safety!

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This isn't sneak-peak at Fast & Furious 15: Fistful Of Furious (working title) – it's the latest innovation in equestrian safety.


When I first saw this image I thought some horrible evolution of early 2000's tuner culture was taking place, but these glowtastic horse accessories are actually the result of three-years R&D by dyed-in-the-wool equestrian Sami Gros.

Currently raising capital via Kickstarter, Gros began developing her aptly named "Tail Lights" when her horse and a companion were struck by a car. With a little over a month left she's still some eighty grand short of her goal, but the videos and photos seem to showcase a pretty viable product— at least in terms of engineering.


Six strands of silicone-encased LED light strap on the horse's tail via a neoprene wrap with different modes of varying brightness for riding in packs, alone, or signaling an emergency.

It's not powered by farts (sorry, Jason) but rather a lithium-ion battery the size of a cellphone that keeps the lights on for up to fifteen hours.

There's no denying these Tail Lights make a horse more visible, but most of the equestrians I know wear conservative sweaters and drive grey Range Rovers— pulsing rave lights might prove a tough sell.

Image: Tail Lights

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Zipppy, Mazdurp builder, Probeski owner and former ricerboy

why not make them red? if the horses are on the side of the road, it would likely psyche out drivers if they're blue, or anything else that's similar.