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This isn't sneak-peak at Fast & Furious 15: Fistful Of Furious (working title) – it's the latest innovation in equestrian safety.


When I first saw this image I thought some horrible evolution of early 2000's tuner culture was taking place, but these glowtastic horse accessories are actually the result of three-years R&D by dyed-in-the-wool equestrian Sami Gros.

Currently raising capital via Kickstarter, Gros began developing her aptly named "Tail Lights" when her horse and a companion were struck by a car. With a little over a month left she's still some eighty grand short of her goal, but the videos and photos seem to showcase a pretty viable product— at least in terms of engineering.


Six strands of silicone-encased LED light strap on the horse's tail via a neoprene wrap with different modes of varying brightness for riding in packs, alone, or signaling an emergency.

It's not powered by farts (sorry, Jason) but rather a lithium-ion battery the size of a cellphone that keeps the lights on for up to fifteen hours.

There's no denying these Tail Lights make a horse more visible, but most of the equestrians I know wear conservative sweaters and drive grey Range Rovers— pulsing rave lights might prove a tough sell.

Image: Tail Lights

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