What do you call a Honda Civic made into a rip snorting mini-truck-car? Of course it's easy to differ to the classic 'camino' suffix, but that feels like phoning it in. As far as we know there aren't any historic ties to either Ford or General Motors, so both -chero and -amino both seem forced. Honda has had a Camino in its history, though that was a motor scooter, so the tie there is tenuous at best. The argument of the Honda Ridgeline being a truck/car could be made, but that fits about as well as a ten dollar suit jacket.

So what do you call a flat black 1991 Honda Civic with a truck bed, upgraded interior, and a turbo helping the motor deliver 220 HP? Civicamino? Civichero? Civicline? Civic Ute? Gentlemen, make your arguments. (Thanks Morgan) [Craigslist]