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Turbocharged Corvairs Are Highly Underrated

Illustration for article titled Turbocharged Corvairs Are Highly Underrated

The Corvair Turbo is a thing of beauty. 164 cubic-inches of pancake-engine glory spitting out 150-hp in one of the first regular production turbocharged cars in America. This one's clean enough you could eat off the turbo housing.


Why don't cars have graphics like that anymore? We're fairly certain anything feels faster when the word "Turbocharged" features a comet-streak font.

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How does the turbo not get so hot it melts that tire? My last turbo (85' Volvo) was cast iron and after a while that fucker got cherry red from heat.

True story: it had a mediocre oil leak so I pilled into an Arco to top it off mid-trip and spilled a little oil (no funnel and the jug she goes "glug") and whoosh fireball. Ran into the Arco to use their fire extinguisher, the thing was dead out of pressure, so I ran back in grabbed a coffee pot and ran back out and doused the fire.