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Somewhere this morning, a highway patrolman is weeping in his bowl of oat bran. A Porsche 911, tricked out by 9ff, a tuning house based in Germany, has broken the speed record for a road-registered car, hitting 241mph at a test track in Nardo, Italy. Now there's only $400,000 between you and a speed-related felony. That's what we call a bargain.

The lightweight 911 GT2, dubbed the 9F-400, clocked less than a mile-per-hour slower than the previous record, set by a McLaren F1 in 1998.

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Heavily clad in carbon fiber to keep weight down, serious aerodynamic fittings to keep the thing from entering local airspace, and heavy mods ratcheting up horsepower to 828 (and torque to 649 ft/lbs), the 9ff is less a production supercar than a street racer designed by rocket scientists. Not that there's anything wrong with that. More pics here.


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