Would you like a carbon fiber snow plow with that? Would you like to lose your legs because of an Austrian molly dealer?

Pedestrian safety has become so important that carmakers produce hoods out of the softest steel they dare to use. Some even put tiny explosive charges under them that detonate at the right moment so you hit the car at the most ideal angle to minimize the impact as much as possible.

Now, neither Lamborghinis have that sort of technology, but that doesn't mean Audi lets the Italian side put the front spitters of doom on their products. After all, Lamborghinis have to pass some tests, too.

But tuner cars don't. Ideally, they have to comply with emission standards, but no more than that as long as the brakes work and nobody sues their owners for noise violations.

When Lamborghini set out to beef up the Aventador a bit, this is the front they came up with for the SV:


Very modest indeed.

But once you take your Lambo to a tuner like DMC, this might happen:



If only I could have these much downforce in Carmageddon!

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