Tuner-Built Ford F-150 Tremor Street Truck

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Tuner Ice Nine built this Ford F-150 Tremor for a Barrett Jackson auction, and after seeing it on Oppo I realized it was a good chance for Truck Yeah! to touch on a topic we've so far neglected— street trucks.

While the idea of a high-performance on-road-only pickup is huge in Australia, the scene isn't quite as popular stateside. I know there are still SVT Lightnings and lowered S-10s running around, but at least here in the northeast truck suspension mods are usually intended to make the truck taller.

Browndogwelding digs this Tremor, is this a vein of trucking we should look for more of, or would you rather cover it in a dirt rooster tail from Mopar's new monster truck?


Image: Ice Nine

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