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Tuk Tuk Driver Sets Awesome 1.37-Mile Record For Driving On Two Wheels

Jagathish M is a tuk tuk driver from Chennai, India, who has an interesting hobby: pulling off sweet stunts with his work vehicle. He specializes in side-wheel driving – where the Tuk Tuk goes on two wheels instead of three – and just set a ridiculous 1.37-mile record for side-wheeling.

To completely obliterate the previous record, he had to get his tuk tuk up to a speed of just under 50 mph before he could steer it onto two wheels. The record was broken at Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai on the “Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega” show.


Guinness World Records verified the record for the “furthest distance side-wheel driving on a motor tricycle,” and released this footage of Jagathish in motion.

“I never thought this record was achievable, but…I am satisfied,” Jagathish told Guinness World Records for its 2016 edition of the book.


Either way, I’m pretty sure I would trust a guy who can do sweet tuk tuk stunts over your average tuk tuk driver. That’s an amazing level of tuk tuk control, even more so than most four-wheel drivers.

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When I was in Chennai, and Vishakhapatnam, they referred to them as autorickshaws. I was there for 7 months, so I don’t think it was an anomaly.

In Bangalore, they referred to them as Tuk-Tuks, and clearly, so does the rest of the world. Any reason for the distinction? Can anyone shed some light?

I’m not sure why this is important to me.