Tugging The Heavy Stuff: More on the Touareg 747 Tow

Turns out that Fifth Gear was in on Volkwagen's 747-towing stunt at Dunsfold airfield that we mentioned a while back. 155 tons, in a basically bone-stock vehicle. We don't care if it was a PR stunt by VW, we still think it's pretty rad. Now we wanna see someone try it with a Rabbit diesel pickup.

Bruce Allows for Super Towing Poetential: Touareg Pulls 747 [Internal]

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Word on the runway is that the 747 was set up with the BUFF like engine pods for its use as a prop in the latest Bond flick.

Because the fake engines don't weigh enough to keep the tipping C.G. ahead of the rear gear, the front fuel tanks are filled with a bunch of water to keep the airplane from sitting on its tail.