Tuesday Track Attack: Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

It's Tuesday morning, so let's take a track run to start the day. Today's track? Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, home of the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School — the official Corvette driving school. Today's car? A Subaru WRX. Let's watch.

I love Spring Mountain. The place is like Dave & Buster's for car lovers. I drove the track, located 45 minutes from Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada, for the first time earlier this year in a two-day Ron Fellows Performance Driving School event with a trio of high-powered Corvettes — a brand-spankin' new Corvette ZR1, Corvette Z06 and a Corvette Grand Sport. Spring Mountain's also home to a truly radical experience — the Radical Racing School (featuring the scary-fast 1300 cc-engined Radical racers) — as well as SCCA licensing.


Spring Mountain's race track can be configured seven different ways — from a tight 10 turn, 1.5-mile track to a 24 turn 3.5-mile monster.

Thanks to the track's maleable nature, it can be fast, tight-and-twisty, or a combination of both. Most importantly for a hack-at-the-track like me, the instructors in the driving school are knowledgeable, courteous and forgiving.


Although the only time you'll notice the scenery is when you pitch a Corvette ZR1 into a tight right and mountains fly by your passenger side window disconcertingly as you look ahead toward the exit. But I'm told it's gorgeous.

But now let's watch this driver take his run. Go ahead and critique away.

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