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Back in 1992 Alfa Romeo built this 155 GTA Superturismo to compete in the Italian touring car series, where it demolished the competition by taking 17 victories from 20 races that season. Using effectively the same drivetrain as Lancia’s Delta Group A rally cars, the power was well tested, and the longer wheelbase sedan made a very stable platform.


With the same 2-liter screaming turbocharged four cylinder making a claimed 400 horsepower through the rally car’s four-wheel drive system, the Alfa was a true force to be reckoned with. Some of the greatest touring car racing in the world was happening in the 1990s, and Alfa worked hard to make the 155 GTA one of the best of its day.

This video shows the car from all angles with multiple sections of the car driving by on track, which is all well and good. But the real action begins once the video moves to an onboard camera that shows just how difficult this car is to fling around a track quickly.


Thanks to the four-wheel drive it isn’t in danger of losing forward momentum with tail-out shenanigans, but there is quite a bit of sawing at the steering wheel, and the chunky manual transmission requires a deft touch to get right.

Every second of this is pure joy, but those onboard shots absolutely drive me wild. 

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