Trunk mounted fifth wheel eases parallel parking woes

If you think parallel parking is bad now, imagine it in the 1950s. With archaic power steering (if any) and massive cars trying to parallel park must have been even more irritating. With this in mind one clever inventor dreamed up the "Park-kar" (?), a trunk mounted, drive shaft driven fifth wheel to maneuver effortlessly in and out of parking spots. We want to know more about how this actually works.


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87CE 95PV Type Я

I remember being in Wallace, Idaho and was captivated by what one of the locals was doing. She was parking a Jeep Gladiator (like the one above) and really putting her back into it. It looked like she was trying to rip the steering wheel out, but I quickly realized there was no power steering.

I wonder how anyone drove a car without power steering or assisted brakes since I have not had much luck. In a scene worthy of Jackass my Caprice stalled as I was going down a hill so a tried turning the wheel to get into my driveway, but damn that was difficult so I just pressed the brake instead then panicky stood on the brake while grabbing the wheel and throwing myself toward the passenger door to avoid the mailbox and ditch.