Trucks Pull Water Skiers In Hurricane Harvey's Aftermath

When everything else is completely upside-down, you’ve got to find joy wherever you can. Normally, boats pull water skiers along, but in the unprecedented flooding that followed Hurricane Harvey, a lifted truck will do.

Behold the supercut of trucks fitting in a bit of fun when they can in the aftermath of Harvey.


While Texas is a truck-happy state to begin with, many of these big bro-dozers and small watercraft were in the area with a purpose. Early on, Harris County specifically asked for owners of high water vehicles and boats to come help with rescue efforts, and Texas’ boat and truck community responded en masse.


Needless to say, I’ll bet these guys could use a brief moment to splash in the water and relax just a second. We’re all glad they were out there and working to get people to safe, dry land.

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I hope that guy doesn’t have any open cuts or sores anywhere, that water is anything but clean.