Trucker Stole $6 Million In Nine-Year Long Con

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A trucker from New Jersey is being held on $250,000 bail after investigators figured out he pocked some $6 million from the New England Motor Freight company. He used the cash to buy a Mercedes, rent a Jersey Shore house, and hire a personal trainer.

The Commercial Carrier Journal and others report the truck driver, 48-year-old Albert Thompson, turn himself in to authorities on March 28 and is being held on charges of "second-degree theft by deception" which carries a five to ten year penalty in the state of New Jersey.

New England Motor Freight called in for police investigative assistance when they noticed accounting discrepancies. The cops then discovered he'd been grifting the company from 2004 to 2013. Nobody has made a statement as to exactly why Thompson took himself to jail, but he probably didn't have much of a choice.


Union County Acting Prosecutor Grace Park explained the con to WCBS 880′s Levon Putney: "[Thompson] was in charge of filing registrations for the vehicles in this company and as a result, he just filed paperwork for false registrations and took the cashiers check. Checks that were supposed to cover the amount for those registration costs and pocketed them. So it's a relatively simple scheme but it turned out to be a fraud of a large amount of money."

Even if you're just dying to move up from a C-Class to an E-Class and you can't motivate yourself to go hard on leg day, let this be a reminder to all you would-be grifters to stay legit to face the wrath of justice.

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Always Winning

$6 million before he got caught? He should've been on a private jet to the Cayman Islands after the first $4 million.