Tron Legacy Trailer #2 In Full HD Goodness

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Here's the second Tron Legacy trailer — in HD! Best part? Forget about light cycles, we've seen those already in person. The new hotness is the first glimpse of the "light runner" — a two-seater car.


You can see the new shrouded-in-tire-smoke (from light tires?) Tron mobility device at about 1:40 into the clip. The Dude most definitely abides.

Click through to the YouTube vid to see it in HD.

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Looks awesome. Something that bothers me, however, is that the Tron world seems to be too grounded in real-world physics. For example, why is a Tron car causing a smokey burnout? Why would there be any kind of atmosphere in a virtual world?

But if this movie ends up being as good as it looks I won't care about those quibbles at all.