Triumph TR4A is the “McCoy”

As this vintage Triumph ad points out, bucket seats and flashy wheels are as close to a real sports car as some people ever get. Not so with the Triumph TR4A, it lets you know what a real sports car is all about.

It is clear from this Triumph ad from 1964 that the British car company didn't think some cars that were being marketed as sports cars measured up to their McCoy (modern translation: the real thing) TR4A. These other cars were lacking in the things that a really sports car like the TR4A are all about; Big power, four speed stick, disc brakes and bucket seats. Thankfully even by Triumph's somewhat strict criteria bucket seats have a place in both fake and McCoy sports cars.


Although it is easily debatable what models were or were not a true sports car criteria in 1964, we think Triumph does a sufficient job proving it's TR4A made the cut. From the sound of the roaring little engine (where is that in modern auto advertising?) to the footage of the TR4A "holding a pinpoint course" the Triumph sure looks like a lot of fun.

Truth be told, ever since featuring a TR4A in Found off the Street a few weekends ago, my British sports car curiosity has been piqued. Although it is questionable as to whether I could comfortably fit behind the wheel of one of these small sports cars, it sure looks like fun. Perhaps it was for people like me, hesitantly intrigued by their sports cars, that the company reminded us "You only get one shot at life, make it a Triumph."

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