Tripping The Ethanol Fantastic: Mark Pike's Corny Cross-Country Ride

The video above is what happens when you have Senator Barack Obama introduce some college kids with a lot of time on their hands and a lot of hatred of oil dependence in their hearts. Watch as Obama uses simplistic and ill-prepared talking points to explain how three college kids plan to strap themselves into a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Flex-Fuel in Washington DC with a game plan of reaching LA and stopping only at gas stations pumping sweet light corn-flavored ethanol. So what you end up getting is the cross-country "Kick The Oil Habit" road trip. It's an idea that although great — would probably be easier with more stations than just the 750 or so currently stocking the yellow blend. But, wait — we feel like that's what Mark Pike, the leader of this zany adventure, wants to get across to us, the teeming, sweat-soaked masses. Maybe there's something we can do to get more stations serving corn-flavored fuel, even if it's less efficient, it still helps the US of A towards energy less-than-dependence — if only we knew how to help.

We contacted Mark and he's going to be providing an update or two for us from the road. Although we're a bit late to the party as they're allready in Vegas, we're happy to have the opportunity to hear more about Mark's Corny Ride. Check back for his first update later this afternoon.


Kick The Oil Habit

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