Trio Of New Hampshire Survivors Spans Seven Decades, Three Continents Of Car History

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than Island That Rust Forgot. FuzzyPlushroom has sent us photos of a sort of Detroit-Trollhättan-Tokyo combo platter that he captured in his home state of New Hampshire. Jump, you, to see the entire gallery and read Fuzzy P's description.


Ford Model T: Parked on Main Street, Jaffrey, NH. It seems to live in that parking spot, though it's only appeared earlier this summer, and is driven regularly. I'm not dedicated enough to identify it down to the year, but it appears to be an earlier model - pre-1920s.

Honda Accord: A first-generation Accord hatchback with some, ahem, modifications. Happily, it's not "riced", just flamed, pinstriped, and given ugly seatcovers that I didn't bother photographing. I got a quick shot of the dashboard, but didn't get any real detail shots, as it was parked in its usual location, and the door to the house was open. Also - yes, that's my bicycle in the background there... I yelled "Nice Accord!" to the Honda's owner later on; got the hook-'em heavy-metal horns in return, so I think he was pleased that I actually identified it.

Saab 900 sedan DOTS (Jaffrey, NH). '83-'86, as best I can tell. It's a close relative to the Alameda Saab you posted in December, in navy instead of white. These are relatively common here, though I never seem to have my camera when they park on the roadside... The turbo convertibles hide in Peterborough, which I don't visit often, but I'll keep you updated if I manage to shoot one. The rear window shot, while likely too fuzzy to post, shows why there's no interior shot! Don't mess with an ex-seaman.

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3 different car cultures too: hot rodding, ricing, and, er, whatever they do with SAABs (besides enter them in LeMons). "Euro style", I guess.