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Despite the family of the victim reportedly forgiving driver Nick Morley for causing the deaths of Vladimir and Margit Cepuljoski, the trial is soldiering on, pitting defense forensics expert against prosecution forensics expert. According to Macedonian internet news agency makfax,

"Court's expert Mile Popovski, whose report served as a basis for the indictment, reiterated his findings that Morley exceeded the prescribed speed limit thus causing the accident in which Chepunjoski spouses were killed.

Court's expert reiterated that Morley was speeding his Porsche with 161,1 km/h and crashed with 158 km/h into the Chepunjoski's Golf that had already entered the left lane of the Struga-Qafasan local road with 70 percent of its length. After sighting the Golf at 88 meters of distance, the Porsche's driver failed to hit the brakes but turned to the left and collided with the Golf, said Popovski, a traffic engineer commissioned by the Struga District Court to compose a report on the traffic accident that occurred 2 May near Struga."


As you'd expect, the "facts" from the prosecution-hired rubber-band shooter aren't the same "facts" presented by the defense-hired English double-barreled shotguns. Makfax continues:

"The reports of the independent expert Vinko Gaica and of British company TRL Limited, non-compliant with the one composed by Mile Popovski, say that Morley's Porsche was moving with 70 to 76 km/h and the Golf failed to halt at the STOP sign before entering the main road from a byroad.

Morley's defense had several remarks on the Popovski's manner of conducting the forensics procedure. They complained that the speed at which Golf had been moving was not taken into consideration when calculating that of the Porsche, and that Popovski's reconstruction outline was incompliant with the actual situation."

Final statements are expected to come later today.

Opposing forensics reports confronted at Morley's trial [makfax online]

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