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Oh god, not more Gumball news...ok, let's try to give you a recap. Nick Morley, the driver of the car which reportedly fled the scene after causing an old Macedonian man to have a "heart attack" and die, thus causing his wife to die of grief (look, we're romantics, so let us romanticize, k?), thus causing the Gumball 3000 organizers to try to cover up the shameful display of emotion, was released on bail earlier today. Morley, the brother of a big UK real estate developer, then tried to snag a private jet back to the UK despite being told not to leave the country. Luckily, the Macedonian border guards knew to be looking out for the always-on-the-go Brit, and snagged him before he boarded the plane. Morley's now back in jail. The saga continues... [Hat tip to Thomas!]


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