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Scumball 3000 Shows Us What The Scene Of A Heart Attack Looks Like

Yup, looks like the old man died of a heart attack to us. I mean, come on — I'd be scared of excitement if I were driving around in Macedonia and saw a TechArt Porsche too! [Hat tip to Mr4Runner!]

Privedeni sudionici rallyja bogatih avanturista []


Scumball 3000 Press Release, Take Two; Scumball 3000 Absolves Drivers Of Wrong-Doing...May Be Living In Dream World; Team Polizei Withdraws From Gumball 3000 After Deadly Hit-And-Run; Nick Morley Given "30 Days Temporary Detention" In Gumball 3000 Fatal Hit-And-Run; Russian BMW Reportedly Picked Up Morley And McConville After Deadly Gumball 3000 Hit-And-Run; Gumball 3000 Race Organizers Attempting To Cover Up Hit-And-Run; Gumballers Nick Morley And Matthew McConville Arrested After Hit-And-Run Fatality [internal]


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I am absolutely appalled by the actions of both Morley and McConville and the nameless BMW driver who decided it was OK to flee the scene of this horrific accident. Those f*&ers deserve to rot in jail in Macedonia, not just get a 30 day probationary period. This is sadly another example of a person who has more money than brains...

It's also a very poor reflection on other Gumballers who would likely never fathom leaving the scene of an accident to run for the border, but the organizers could have been more forthcoming in cancelling the rally immediately upon hearing that such events had transpired. They were extremely slow to react and accept responsibility for the unfortunate tragedy.

At least nine years is a good run Max...